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Foampak is now a vendor for Tennessee Chill Box

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Tennessee Chill Box

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Tennessee Chill Box 8000 - NOW NIOSH APPROVED

The Chill Box 8000 offers 40% more cooling capacity than the original CB 5000. Up to two (2) hoses may be used, and up to 200ft each with our standard kits.

  • CFM output Regulated Speed Control
  • Provides 97 CFMs at the Exterior Manifold
  • Equipped with an Exterior manifold to allow for the use of multi-air lines, (single or double lines)
  • Powder Coat finish for Long Lasting Durability
  • Use with Mask, Hood or Ratchet Respiratory Shield applications
  • Unit measures 23 1/2in H x 15in D x 19 1/2in,76lb unit
  • ELIMINATES Compressors
  • ELIMINATES Multi-Stage filter panels, calibration systems, replacement filters, and test kits.
  • ELIMINATES Compressors
  • Digital Control panel that allows for Temperature display and adjustments (Ambient/Actual)
  • Unit is Sealed and Maintenance free (with the exception of a removable, washable filter) replaceable through the Tennessee Chill Box.

Tennessee Chill Box supplied Air Hoses & Breathing Tubes MUST be used in conjunction with the CB8000.

Complete system includes: CB8000 Unit w/ Pressure Gauge, 2-100ft NIOSH approved Air Hose, NIOSH approved-2 Masks w/ Downtubes, 2-EZ Flow Waist Belt/ / Adapters, Wye dual adapter, Flow Indicator, 10ft Drain Hose, Telescoping Handle

Closed Cell Foam Cutter available now!

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Closed Cell Closed Cell Foam Cutter

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Closed Cell C I Cutter

  • Built with precision machined aluminum parts and the highest quality bearings and power-head.
  • It is designed with rectangular hooked teeth to trim Closed Cell foam quickly and efficiently with no stud damage and minimal damage to electrical outlets, wiring and plumbing.
  • Cuts smoothly and trims the wall cleanly the full width of the head.
  • Fast easy trimming of corners.
  • Makita 120 volt Electric Power-head that has a filter over the air intake.