Heated Predator Adhesive Spray Rig

Heated Adhesive Spray Rig Package

Foampak's Predator Adhesive Rig has over 20 years of contractor proven field operation. This highly portable, extremely versatile machine can be run from the ground or on the rooftop. The Predator can handle up to 310' of heated spray hose. An on board 5000 watt primary heater allows you to work in the coldest weather your chemical supplier will allow.

Foampak's modular approach using 3 separate units for chemical, air and electric allows the equipment and chemical weight to be distributed around the roof.

Foampak's' staff has serviced, supported and trained roofing contractors on the safe and efficient operation, care, and maintenance of this equipment for over 20 years. Nobody has more proven, real life experience then foampak and the time tested Predator Adhesive Rig.

Heated Adhesive Spray Rig Package

    A & B Pressure balancing valves

    Galvanized cart finish

    Reliable not disposable

    Improved pump design delivers longer pump life

    Field proven: 1000's in use worldwide

    High Output

    Spray or High Pressure Extrusion Applications

    Package includes 3 days of on-site training

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Spray Rig On-Site Training

Technical Data
Spray Rig Package Tech Data

Heated Adhesive Spray Rig Motor & Pump Tower Improved Motor / Pump Tower

New motor / pump tower improves operations and makes maintenance easier. Available as a field upgrade to previous generations of Predator!

ISO Lube Pump System: Protects ISO pump shaft

Lip Seals in Pump: No packing nuts to tighten

Infeed Material Thermometers: Displays incoming material temperature before heaters

Infeed Material Cutoff Valves: Close off supply for easy screen checks

Infeed Wye Strainers: Filters material before entering pumps

Standard Features

Complete Heated Adhesive Spray Rig Package Metering Pumps - Fixed Ratio, positive displacement pumps for accurate product mixing

5000 W Primary Heaters - Ensure materials heated to proper temperature and viscosity for proper mixing

Completely Mobile Cart - Work zone flexibility, storage of hoses and 15 g material drums

Built-in ISO lube pump - Recirculates fresh pump lube around ISO pump shaft for longer ISO pump life

Hose Heat Power System - Isolated low voltage systems keeps material warm and operators safe

Variable Hose Length - 60' to 310' (optional)

Spray & Extrusion Capable - Simple tip change allows system to switch from spray to extrusion, and back, in minutes

A & B pressure relief valves - allow for the balancing of pressure without removing the gun from hose

Complete Predator Packages Include:
Heated Predator Mobile Proportioner
60' Heated Hose
Fusion Spray Gun
Material Supply Package
15 & 55 gallon capable transfer pumps
Tool kit & Manuals
3 days on-site training
Spare Parts Kit
All hoses, cables, & connectors
Safety Equipment Package*


Heated Predator Videos & Data Sheets

Heated Predator Start Up: Start-up procedures for a Heated Predator spray rig.

Heated Predator Weekly Maintenance: Weekly maintenance steps for maintaining an appropriately operated Heated Predator spray rig.

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