Below Grade

Underground passage and Access Tunnels.

SUGGESTION: Andek 950 may be used to seal against water seepage by plugging holes and cracks or being pressure injected into the positive side. After treating the wall with Andek 950, coat wall with Andek Polafloor Colorcoat. Polafloor Colorcoat protects substrate from wear, water and chemical attack.
Andek 950 Data Sheet (pdf)
Polafloor Colorcoat Data Sheet

Generator Room (Sealing floor against oil leakage)

SUGGESTION: Apply a coat of Andek Polafloor PUR Brushable to the floor. Polafloor PUR Brushable has exceptional resistance to most industrial chemicals and provides a tough, wear-resistant surface that resists both impact and abrasion.
Polafloor PUR Brushable Data Sheet (pdf)

Indoor Swimming Pool

SUGGESTION: Wall and ceiling vapor barrier may be achieved by using Andek AIM #3 on the warm side of the insulation. This procedure will defeat condensation from forming within the insulation. AIM #3 is a single component coating, so just open the container, drill stir, and apply.
AIM #3 Data Sheet (pdf)

Gunpowder Magazine (Roof)

SUGGESTION: Blast-directing roofs may be waterproofed with Andek Polaroof RAC. Polaroof RAC prevents water intrusion and provides fire protection, without interfering with the functional design mechanism of the roof.
Polaroof RAC Data Sheet (pdf)