Stucco walls that are in need of repair and waterproofing. Surface is worn and cracks are visible.

SOLUTION: Begin by repairing cracks with PSI 803 Urethane Caulk. Then coat stucco wall with Andek Polagard Fibrelastic. Polagard Fibrelastic is a fiber-reinforced waterproofing wall coating designed for permanent flexibility and toughness. It will bridge hairline cracks in the stucco, yet allow moisture vapor in the building escape. Available in a wide range of standard and custom colors.
Polagard Fibrelastic Data Sheet (pdf)
PSI 803 Urethane Caulk Data Sheet (pdf)

Brick walls have become damp. Mortar is weak and is crumbling.

SOLUTION: First strengthen and restore the mortar and the brick surface with Andek Polaseal Penetrant Hardener. Afterwards, coat the brick wall with Andek Polaseal MA. Polaseal MA penetrates the substrate and quickly cures to lock itself into both the brick and the mortar, permanently sealing out the weather.
Polaseal Penetrant Hardener Data Sheet (pdf)
Polaseal MA Data Sheet (pdf)

Protecting wall that will be sprayed with graffiti.

SOLUTION: Coat unvandalized wall with Andek Polagard AG. Graffiti on wall coated with Polagard AG can be removed repeatedly (using common cleaning products) without damaging or sacrificing Polagard AG or the substrate. This remarkable alphatic urethane cures to form an extremely tough, hardwearing, protective coating. If wall has already been sprayed with graffiti, remove graffiti and/or repaint wall, then apply Polagard AG.
Polagard AG Data Sheet (pdf)

Wood shed or barn. Inside has been insulated and outside needs protection.

SOLUTION: Coat exterior wood surfaces with Andek Polaseal EFM. Polaseal EFM is a water-based wood sealing system. Polaseal EFM contains a proven fire retardant to reduce flame spread in the event of a fire, and a blend of special preservatives to fight against decay.
Polaseal EFM Data Sheet (pdf)

Walls in Food Processing and Food Storage Facilities (such as Fruit Storage Warehouses, Breweries, Wineries, Bakeries and Mushroom Houses).

SOLUTION: Walls in Food Processing or Food Storage areas that have been insulated may be coated with Andek Polagard Classic for USDA compliant protection. In addition to being a durable and tough coating, Polagard Classic produces a permanently flexible coating which bridges hairline cracks and is able to withstand thermal movement in the substrate. Polagard Classic is available in wide range of standard and custom colors and may be topcoated with Andek Clearcoat AQ for added scrub resistance.
Polagard Classic Data Sheet (pdf)
Clearcoat AQ Data Sheet (pdf)

Walls of Elevator Shafts

SOLUTION: Coat walls of Elevator Shaft with Andek Firegard. This coating is a highly effective fire retardant as well as being waterproof. Andek Firegard may be used over all types of insulation and other combustible substrates.
Andek Firegard Data Sheet (pdf)

Steam Curing Room, Ice House, Malting Room

SOLUTION: Andek AIM #3 provides a waterproof humidity and vapor barrier for walls and ceilings that is essential in Steam Curing Rooms, Ice Houses and Malting Rooms. AIM #3 is tough and able to bridge and move with hairline cracks.
AIM #3 Data Sheet (pdf)

Wood Kiln

SOLUTION: Walls and ceilings of Wood Kilns can be protected against humidity and acid with Andek Polaroof NW. Polaroof NW produces a seamless, waterproofing membrane that is totally vaporproof.
Polaroof NW Data Sheet (pdf)

Public Bathroom walls (Exposed Concrete block walls)

SOLUTION: Coat the concrete block walls with Andek Wearcoat 66. Wearcoat 66 produces a tough, glossy, hard-wearing and chemically resistant surface. For graffiti resistance, coat the wall after the application of Wearcoat 66 with Andek Polagard AG. Graffiti can be removed repeatedly without damaging the Polagard AG.
Wearcoat 66 Data Sheet Part (pdf)
Polagard AG Data Sheet (pdf)

Basements and Crawl Spaces (Exposed Concrete block walls)

SOLUTION: Andek 950 may be used to seal against water seepage by plugging holes and cracks or being pressure injected into the positive side. After treating the wall with Andek 950, coat wall with Andek Polafloor Colorcoat. Polafloor Colorcoat is available in wide range of colors.
Andek 950 Data Sheet (pdf)
Polafloor Colorcoat Data Sheet (pdf)