Spray Foam Truck/Mobile Spray Foam Rig Builds

Foampak has been building mobile spray rigs for over 30 Years. That's about twice the time that most rig builders have been in business. Each mobile spray foam rig is custom built using only the best time tested equipment. We do not farm out the construction of our spray rigs like many of our competitors. We do not subcontract any phase of the build. All the work of our Spray Foam Trucks/Rigs is done in house, at foampak, by foampak. When you call us for technical support on your Spray Foam Rig you will be talking directly with the team that built your spray foam truck, not some salesman that never set foot in the rig. We are proud to say that there are hundreds of mobile spray rigs across the country that were built... "at foampak by foampak".

Foampak installs only the best names in the business!

Graco | PMC | IPM | Morse | Bullard | Compressed Air Systems

You supply the truck and we take it from there. We will foam insulate the box, skin and paint the interior walls, install the generator, compressor, air dryer, foam equipment, transfer pumps, barrel bracing, electrical connections, air lines, plumbing, safety equipment and more! Foampak wets out and spray tests every spray foam truck Mobile Spray Rig before it leaves our facility.

Give us a call at (888) 458-2928 Ext. 211 or email for a quote on your next Spray Rig!